21 year old cool dude Erik Hillenbrink of Rob's Prop Shop turned me into a real Tom Savini-style zombie for the AFFF Night of Terror 2008!

My friend Arjen Wolfs and I noticed some cute Vampire queens during the NOT2007. Although we loved the idea, we figured it could be done... messier! We quickly realised we would need the help of real professionals and Erik wanted to help us! His dad is a special FX legend, it's quite possible you watched a movie using special FX from Rob's Prop Shop (Zwartboek, Phileine zegt sorry, Mindhunters, The Discovery of Heaven, TBS, Erik of het klein insectenboek, Griezelbus, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.. Pretty impressive eh?)! Here's the result!

PS: All this wouldn't be possbile without Arjen Wolfs (sidekick), Erik Hillenbrink (needs no further introduction), Jennifer and Hans from Iris brillen in Baarn (for keeping my eye data on file and generally for being great opthamalogists), Charlotte Haasnoot and Monique van Schendelen from AFFF (for keeping us calm during the most stressfull period), all friends and colleagues from Schuberg Philis for keeping up with me wearing spooky lenses during office hours =), Martijn and Bertje for the outfit, Dani for putting up with me and obviously everyone from AFFF, especially Mr. Horror Jan Doense (Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau).


night_of_terror_2008_16_small.jpg night_of_terror_2008_17_small.jpg night_of_terror_2008_18_small.jpg night_of_terror_2008_19_small.jpg
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